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Virtual OSM-Globe [1] | © openglobus | map data © OpenStreetMap contributors


  • Shinji Enoki recounted his experience with on-foot mapping using StreetComplete and EveryDoor. He enjoyed the gamified elements of both apps, but cautions readers about the risks of frequently stopping or looking at the screen while walking, as he has nearly tripped several times.
  • OSM contributor une abeille blogged about mapping focused on people and not just on vehicles or commerce, pointing out that OSM can be useful for a more humanised urban map.
  • The proposal to deprecate the cycleway=opposite family of tags can be voted on until Saturday 22 June.

Mapping campaigns

  • Mikko Tamura reported that in the span of just three weeks, since the OM Guru Climate Change Challenge 2024 began, more than 250,000 buildings, 11,000 km of roads, 15,000 POIs, and 8,000 km of waterways have been mapped. More than 4 million tiles were swiped, 11,000 Tasking Manager tasks completed, and 16,000 MapRoulette tasks finished.


  • Arjun Gangadharan has written a blog post about his passion and motivations for mapping in OSM. He encouraged others to contribute to OSM and listed the various benefits of contributing.
  • hobbesvsboyle published a diary entry about how they collect road surface information during bike rides and the workflow thereafter to efficiently add the information into OSM using JOSM.
  • The Trufi Association released an update to its mission statement by expanding its operational scope from ‘public transport’ to ‘sustainable transport’ and ‘transportation justice’.
  • Kshitijraj Sharma conducted qualitative and quantitative analyses of the Overture Maps dataset version 2024-05-16-beta.0.
  • Martin Kokos has started a discussion on improving OSM tags for the visually impaired.
  • In the tenth edition of his OpenStreetMap NextGen development diary, Kamil Monicz has invited people to contribute to the project. There are openings for translators, graphic designers, and software testers.
  • Sawan Shariar is searching for students to volunteer as campus ambassadors to engage with their university community and to promote SotM Asia and SotM Bangladesh 2024. He is also calling for designers and creatives to help by creating a SotM Asia logo.
  • The UN Mapper of the Month is Angie Lorena Trujillo, an Environmental Engineer and GIS specialist from Colombia, who joined the UN Mappers OSM validation course.


  • Kai Johnson analysed the GNIS import that was done from 2008 to 2011 and concluded that there is still a lot to be done.

OpenStreetMap Foundation

  • Andrew Wiseman has provided a progress update on the vector tiles development currently being done by the Engineering Working Group of the OpenStreetMap Foundation.


  • The State of the Map Europe 2024 tooted that the preliminary conference schedule for SotM EU 2024 is available and tickets can now be bought.
  • There’s only one week left to register for the 10th SotM France conference , to be held in Lyon from Friday 28 to Sunday 30 June.


  • Raquel Dezidério Souto reported that the IVIDES had organised a workshop on mapping trees and vegetation in OpenStreetMap using iD, JOSM, and the FastDraw plugin.
  • Severin Menard tooted about the educational activities carried out by UN Mappers since 2021. A complete report of this successful experience can be found on their blog.

OSM research

  • Herrera-Murillo et al. have published a conference paper titled ‘Process Analysis in Humanitarian Voluntary Geographic Information: the case of the HOT Tasking Manager’, in which they analyse two years of individual contributors’ actions from the Tasking Manager logs, and process them from the perspectives of control flow, time, organisation, and outcomes of the mapping tasks that comprise a project. OSM data is also extracted for the analysis from the Bunting Labs OSM extracts service.


  • David Thompson shared OpenSidewalkMap, an OpenStreetMap-based webmap that displays the location of sidewalks.

OSM in action

  • Peter Van Geit explained how to use OpenStreetMap for planning a Himalayan traverse over multiple days and passing through many valleys. OpenStreetMap POIs such as human settlements, streams, peaks, and camp sites along the planned route can be imported into QGIS for processing the data, and the processed data can then be imported into a phone app, for example OsmAnd, to use during the hike.

Open Data

  • Using OSM AddisMapTransit has mapped over 2,300 public transport stops and 443 routes in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. These routes were then converted from OSM to standardised open transport data (GTFS) and submitted to the DigitalTransport4Africa repository.


  • franzpc reported that GISCARTA has developed Geodata AI, a web API tool to extract OpenStreetMap data using natural language and AI.
  • Emerson Rocha has released SDM v0.5.0 beta, a web application to aid in OpenStreetMap data conflation.
  • llya Zverev (@zverik) is pleased to announce that he now has the support of OpenCage in the development of his Level0 OpenStreetMap editor.
  • Tim Hirrel has released TdhOGR, a GUI tool for converting various geospatial data formats, including OpenStreetMap, to another data format (based on the GDAL library), or to another coordinate reference system (based on the PROJ library).


  • Volodymyr Agafonkin, creator of mapping library Leaflet, has authored a tutorial showing how to programme a web map from scratch, with only a few lines of code.
  • There’s a discussion on GitHub about whether to switch the ‘OSM Carto’ raster map style to osm2pgsql’s flex output. A previous pull request for this is here.


  • OpenAndroMaps has released an updated version of their summer 2024 edition, with improvements to the LiDAR-based elevation display feature and the e-bike charging station display.

Did you know …

  • [1] … OpenGlobus is a TypeScript/JavaScript library for visualising high-precision virtual globes and various geospatial data using WebGL? It’s open source and available on GitHub.
  • … that one of the standard parking signs in the United States refers motorists to the uMap-powered website CityParkingWeb.com?
  • … that a proposal process is active? This is a way to introduce and discuss new OSM tags for features and properties.

OSM in the media

  • geoObserver discussed a very interesting video, titled ‘Urban Mapping: City Maps with QGIS and QuickOSM’.

Other “geo” things

  • Sebastiano Ferraris has published a numerical study that attempted to verify whether the seven famous cathedrals that form the ‘Sword of St Michael’ really lie in a straight line.
  • Daniel praised the What3Words team’s marketing skills shown during their presentation at Geomob Berlin on Wednesday 5 June, while also warning about its inherent technical flaws, which were discussed in depth by Cybergibbons in a 2021 article.
  • EO Solar , created by the Deutsche Luft- und Raumfahrtzentrum (German Aerospace Centre), shows which building roofs are well suited for photovoltaic systems. This dataset lists the solar energy potential of around 20 million buildings.

Upcoming Events

MarseilleCartopartie : accessibilité voirie et l’écologie urbaine 2024-06-15flag
Defence Colony Tehsil9th OSM Delhi (Indoor) Mapping Meetup – Session 1 2024-06-15flag
Kalkaji Tehsil9th OSM Delhi (Indoor) Mapping Meetup – Session 2 2024-06-16flag
HannoverOSM-Stammtisch Hannover 2024-06-16flag
EnglandOSM UK Online Chat 2024-06-17flag
Missing Maps London: (Online) Mid-Month Mapathon 2024-06-18
LyonRéunion du groupe local de Lyon 2024-06-18flag
Bonn176. OSM-Stammtisch Bonn (Juni 2024: 20 Jahre OSM – 15 Jahre Stammtisch Bonn) 2024-06-18flag
City of EdinburghOSM Edinburgh pub meetup 2024-06-18flag
UtrechtOSGeo.nl Open Zomerpodium – OSGeo.nl Open Summer Stage 2024-06-19flag
KarlsruheStammtisch Karlsruhe 2024-06-19flag
Stainach-Pürgg13. Österreichischer OSM-Stammtisch (online) 2024-06-19flag
OSM-Deutschland Vernetzungstreffen 2024-06-20
OSMF Engineering Working Group meeting 2024-06-21
Rio de Janeiro (on-line)💻 UCM (Maputo, MOZ) – Oficina sobre mapeamento com OpenStreetMap! 2024-06-21flag
DoverCoffee and Mapping! 2024-06-23flag
BielefeldOSM Ostwestfalen-Lippe 2024-06-25flag
City of EdinburghGeomob Edinburgh 2024-06-25flag
KaiserslauternOSM Einführung und Schulung 2024-06-25flag
San JoseSouth Bay Map Night 2024-06-26flag
[Online] OpenStreetMap Foundation board of Directors – public videomeeting 2024-06-27
Lübeck143. OSM-Stammtisch Lübeck und Umgebung 2024-06-27flag
LyonSotM-FR 2024 – Lyon 2024-06-28 – 2024-06-30flag
DüsseldorfDüsseldorfer OpenStreetMap-Treffen (online) 2024-06-28flag
中央区マッピングパーティ in 北海道神宮 2024-06-30flag
Tartu linnFOSS4G Europe 2024 2024-06-30 – 2024-07-07flag

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