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MapRoulette has been revised – now version 3.2 1 | map data © OpenStreetMap contributors

Uploadfilter – Article 13 EU Copyright Directive

  • Michael Reichert announces that openstreetmap.de will again protest against Article 13 of the EU Copyright Directive. (de) (automatic translation)
  • Heise Online reports (de) (automatic translation) that the German Wikipedia will be turned off for one day on 21 March as a protest against article 13 of the new EU Copyright Directive.


  • Following the decision to cease rendering leisure=common in OSM’s main map style Carto, a replacement is being discussed on the HOT mailing list. Apparently the requirements for the replacement are not too difficult; as Andrew Buck wrote “I would accept anything the community comes up with as long as it renders or the rendering rules are updated before the change.”
  • François Lacombe announced on the tagging mailing list the start of voting for the proposal to improve the tagging of substations and the network hierarchy in general.
  • The proposal for highway=via_ferrata and via_ferrata_scale=* for tagging protected climbing routes in the Alps and certain other locations has been rewritten. Comments and suggestions are welcomed.
  • SK53 wrote on his “Maps matter” blog about mapping roof-top solar panels in Nottingham, UK. He summarises what he learnt and makes some suggestions for finding them in other places. Also mcld found that solar panels in London were harder to find. Both activities arose because of an animated discussion on Twitter, initiated by Jack Kelly, about using machine learning to find solar panels.
  • naoliv announced in his user diary the availability of a new JOSM layer specific for Brazilian street names, which can be used to take over street names from IBGE‘s Base de faces de logradouros. In his post he explains the issues with the previous solution and how the new layer can be used.
  • raphaelmirc explains how to use MapRoulette. (automatic translation)


  • We recently reported about the issue of non-compliant attributions by OSM data consumers. Our commentary suggested that, based on the responses, it appears that the topic is not that important for other mappers, or they are resigned to current practices. However, we heavily underestimated the momentum the topic gained after writing the text and we missed the chance to incorporate the feedback right before publishing our last issue. We’re sorry for our oversight.Martin Koppenhöfer is right when complaining about it. The responses on the missing attribution are noteworthy. For example, Paul Norman points to the fact that sometimes users of our data find room for their logo but not for the attribution required when using our data. Martijn van Exel provided an example how to attribute even on an iPhone screen. Simon Poole adds that the majority of data consumers are providing acceptable attribution or at least fix it when pointed to the issue. He also indicated that the community can expect a draft attribution guideline for discussion in the upcoming months. However, there are many, many more contributions to the discussion that are worth reading.
  • OpenStreetMap has been accepted as a mentoring organisation for this year’s Google Summer of Code. On the OSM developers’ mailing list, Tobias Knerr calls for more project ideas to be added to the project ideas wiki page.
  • The Swiss Federal Railways SBB has set up (automatic translation) an internal group of volunteers called “OSM at SBB” to discuss OSM related things.
  • The blog of OpenCage data, the operator of OpenCage Geocoder, has published an interview with Richard Fairhurst, the maker of Deriviste (and a few other things).
  • Jochen Topf wrote a blog post about the changes for openstreetmapdata.com users after the move to a new server following FOSSGIS’ funding agreement for the new server infrastructure.


  • User Hokkosha published (automatic translation) a proposal for a data import (automatic translation) from Hokkaido Takushoku Bus and asked for feedback. This proposal will be produced in English after discussion in Japanese.


  • The OSM group of Nancy and its surroundings meets (automatic translation) regularly in partnership with the “Fabrique Collective de la Culture du Libre”.

Humanitarian OSM

  • The World Bank Group has contracted the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team to digitise buildings in Tanzania from satellite imagery. By adding this data to OSM it is intended to help develop an off-grid energy sector, to complement the national grid, by allowing businesses to identify sites that could be served by mini-grids and solar home systems.
  • HOT published an article on the International Women’s Day 2019 with their highlights of gender diversity activity from the last 12 months.
  • sevendaysvt.com published an article about a humanitarian mapping event, co-hosted by the University of Vermont’s Humanitarian Mapping Club and Code for BTV, where attendees were introduced to OSM by mapping buildings in rural Africa.



  • A German version of the NewsHereNow website/webapp is now available (English version). Simply click on the “Use my GPS location” button to find the physically nearest, non-chain (“local”) restaurants. If your favourite restaurant is missing, please make sure to add it to OpenStreetMap. For convenience, under the HERE/HIER tab is a button that takes you to OpenStreetMap centred at your nearest intersection.

Open Data


  • The support for QGIS 2.18 LTR (Long Term Release) has ended. Users are asked to upgrade to QGIS 3.4 LTR.
  • Wille published a blog post that explains how to set up some tools to receive notifications from OSMCha via Telegram or e-mail. That way you will be notified whenever there are new changesets that match a filter you saved on OSMCha.
  • MapRoulette is now at version 3.2. The latest version of the micro-task platform for OSM features a new design, a new user dashboard, improved task completion flow, and much more. Martijn van Exel summarises the new features in his diary.
  • In his OSM diary Simon Poole celebrates the 10th anniversary of Vespucci and thanks all of the contributing developers. He also gives a preview of upcoming features such as multi-polygon support, turn-restrictions rendering, and a revamped style configuration.


  • Amon Santana, from HeiGIT, reports about a number of interesting new features in the latest version of the interactive OpenRouteService API Playground.


  • Version 3.3 of OsmAnd has been released. The team removed Facebook and Firebase analytics from the free version – the paid version OsmAnd+ already didn’t include them. The application now offers navigation for public transport, although still in a beta phase, recieved a redesigned directions menu and improved quick action menu, as well as the information about a route.

Did you know …

  • … Anita Graser’s “Free and Open Source GIS Ramblings“? It is a series of discussions about GIS data analysis.
  • … about Mappics? This is an open source map based travel photos gallery, with automatic place and weather descriptions of the very moment the photos were taken.
  • … that there are shops that sell goods with as little packaging as possible? Customers can bring their own reusable packaging to reduce waste. OSM recognises this using the tag bulk_purchase = yes
  • … the overview of all existing OSM Working Groups?

Other “geo” things

  • Gonzalo López published on NOSOLOSIG an article called “Geocoding of addresses: a pending subject”. (es) (automatic translation)
  • Sascha Fendrich, from HeiGIT, describes a study about semantic association rule learning using OSM data. He presents an example to explain the technique used and its potential for finding exceptions to general rules that can be used for data quality analysis.
  • Martijn van Exel explains how to use the new OpenStreetCam upload scripts.

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