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prettymaps [1] © Marcelo Prates | map data © OpenStreetMap contributors


  • The speed limit on most Parisian streets has been lowered to 30 km/h (18 mph). Christian Quest tweeted (fr) that this has resulted in a major update to OSM that should propagate through to route planners over the next few days.
  • Kontur tweeted a reminder that in the wake of Hurricane Henri, mappers could help by mapping densely populated yet poorly mapped areas (e.g., parts of Connecticut). See the Disaster Ninja app for more details.
  • Jan (user: Lübeck) suggested (de) > en adding three additional damage:*=* tags to areas destroyed in the heavy rainfall-induced flooding on 14 July in western Germany.
  • User messpert pondered the most appropriate tagging for historical surface mining sites.
  • A request for comments has been made for currency:crypto:*=yes,no, a proposal to extend the currency key to support cryptocurrencies.
  • The proposal man_made=video_wall, for mapping large digital screens, was approved with 9 votes for, 1 vote against and 2 abstentions.


  • User PlayzinhoAgro wrote about the lack of popularity of OpenStreetMap compared to other market solutions, based on a small survey (pt) > en of the Brazilian market.


  • Vladislav Kugelevich has added information to the OSM wiki about Latvia’s datasources that are potentially suitable for import into. He plans to import some of this data but is still studying the software and the import guidelines.

OpenStreetMap Foundation

  • The LCCWG moderation subcommittee held two online public meetings on 2 and 3 September about revisions to the current Etiquette Guidelines, which are now open for public comment until Wednesday 8 September.
  • This year’s annual general meeting of the OSMF will take place online on Saturday 11 December 2021 at 16:00 UTC. Voting for the board election will start one week before the annual general meeting and this year there will be at least four positions available. To be eligible to vote you must have been a member or associate member for 90 days prior to the date on which the meeting is held, that is, paid up by Saturday 11 September.
  • The OWG is planning to host vector tiles generated by Tilemaker as an experiment. The goal is to get something others can work with to see where more work needs to be done.


  • User Lübeck was seeking IBIS-Budget Hotels for a trip. They asked (de) > en for assistance in writing an Overpass query to find all the variations in naming the hotels have in OSM.

OSM research

  • Afraid of the number 13? DeBigCs looked at the shortfall of houses numbered 13 in Dublin. Andrew Davidson followed up with an analysis that showed a much greater fear of 13 in the USA.
  • It looks like frzbrmnd2 has written to all/many mappers who have mapped in Iran. He is using the data for his dissertation where he is investigating the relationship between participants’ local knowledge and the quality of data collected.

Humanitarian OSM

  • On 27 August, the Open Mapping Hub in Eastern and Southern Africa was launched. The Hub is dedicated to increasing the use of OpenStreetMap tools to power and influence local and regional interventions. Find more information by following them on Twitter or Facebook.


  • [1] Marcelo Prates has created software used to draw pretty maps from OpenStreetMap data. The software, Pretty Maps, is based on the OSMnx, Matplotlib and Shapely libraries.
  • Pierre Béland published a Compare Map Before / After for the Nippes (Haiti) August earthquake, where post-disaster drone footage (2 cm) for five localities can be compared with the CNIGS Haitian Geospatial Agency orthophotos from 2014–2015 (20 cm). Other drone-collected images should be added as they become available. CNIGS official road network, OSM, altitude and relief layers are also available.

Did you know …

  • … the three most important tags for describing tracks? tracktype is used for a rough classification, surface to specify the material, and smoothness to specify the condition.
  • Cartography Playground? A simple and interactive website for explaining cartographic algorithms, problems and other matters. It is aimed at students of cartography who want to refresh and deepen their knowledge.
  • … that the animal rights organisation, PETA, tried to have the name of Fishkill, a town in New York State, changed to Fishsave? -kill or -kil is a common place name element in the area deriving from a Dutch word meaning creek or stream.

OSM in the media

  • Cezch Mappers have finished the mapping of post boxes in the Czech Republic. Miroslav Suchý gave an interview to Lupa.cz (cz) > en about it and OpenStreetMap.
  • Nat Foot reads out weeklyOSM 578.

Other “geo” things

  • Got some spare reading time? Allan Mustard recommends The Address Book by Deirdre Mask. The book looks at the complex and sometimes hidden stories behind street names and their power to name, to hide, to decide who counts, who doesn’t – and why.
  • Ian Dickson talked with Ben Hinze about ‘Ambient Maps’, a company mapping noise and air pollution in Australian and New Zealand major cities and regions. By combining a number of inputs and models they can produce predictions of air traffic noise, road traffic noise, rail noise, air quality and future road noise impacts.
  • Alan McConchie tweeted a link to Kenneth Field’s new book Thematic Mapping: 101 Inspiring Ways to Visualise Empirical Data. Using 101 maps, graphs, charts, and plots of the 2016 United States presidential election data, the book explores the rich diversity of thematic mapping and the visual representation of data.
  • As a test, Anthony Stephens likes to ask ‘anybody under 30 years old who lives in the city’ to name the suburb directly to the north of where they live. Anthony is the owner of ‘The Map Shop’ in Adelaide (Australia) and in an ABC article he discusses the future of paper maps in a world of satnav.

Upcoming Events

FortalezaEncontro de usuários OSM do Ceará, Brasil. osmcalpic2021-09-04flag
Bogotá Distrito CapitalResolvamos notas de Colombia creadas en OpenStreetMap osmcalpic2021-09-04flag
京田辺市京都!街歩き!マッピングパーティ:第26回 一休寺 osmcalpic2021-09-04jp
OSM Africa Monthly Mapathon: Map Malawi osmcalpic2021-09-04 – 2021-10-04
Greater LondonMissing Maps London Mapathon osmcalpic2021-09-07flag
DRK Missing Maps Mapathon – JOSM Einführung osmcalpic2021-09-07
Landau an der IsarVirtuelles Niederbayern-Treffen osmcalpic2021-09-07flag
StuttgartStuttgarter Stammtisch (Online) osmcalpic2021-09-07flag
OpenStreetMap Michigan Meetup osmcalpic2021-09-09
Decatur CountyOSM US Mappy Hour osmcalpic2021-09-09flag
Berlin159. Berlin-Brandenburg OpenStreetMap Stammtisch osmcalpic2021-09-09flag
Nordrhein-WestfalenOSM-Treffen Bochum (September) osmcalpic2021-09-09flag
MünchenMünchner OSM-Treffen osmcalpic2021-09-09flag
Bezirk St. Johann im Pongau2. Virtueller OpenStreetMap Stammtisch Österreich osmcalpic2021-09-09flag
Bogotá Distrito CapitalAgreguemos y editemos rutas de transporte en OpenStreetMap osmcalpic2021-09-11flag
ArlonRéunion des contributeurs OpenStreetMap, Arlon osmcalpic2021-09-13flag
臺北市OpenStreetMap x Wikidata 月聚會 #32 osmcalpic2021-09-13flag
HamburgHamburger Mappertreffen osmcalpic2021-09-14flag
KarlsruheKarlsruhe Hack Weekend osmcalpic2021-09-17 – 2021-09-19flag
NantesJournées européennes du patrimoine 2021, Nantes osmcalpic2021-09-18flag
Bonn143. Treffen des OSM-Stammtisches Bonn osmcalpic2021-09-21flag
BerlinOSM-Verkehrswende #27 (Online) osmcalpic2021-09-21flag
LüneburgLüneburger Mappertreffen (online) osmcalpic2021-09-21flag
DRK Missing Maps Online Mapathon osmcalpic2021-09-23
[Online] OpenStreetMap Foundation board of Directors – public meeting osmcalpic2021-09-24
DüsseldorfDüsseldorfer OSM-Treffen (online) osmcalpic2021-09-24flag
AmsterdamOSM Nederland maandelijkse bijeenkomst (online) osmcalpic2021-09-25flag

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  1. Would be nice if the list of events included links to where to find out about them or to a location. I’d like to attend one and don’t know where to look for it!

    1. Hi. I can see further details by clicking on the calendar-icon (red/white). Have you tried that?

      1. Stupid of me, don’t know how I missed that. A mouseover() function might make it more obvious.

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