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Logo Geospatial Information Regulation Bill tries to regulate a lot more than Indian bounderies.
[1] | read the FAQs


  • User bdiscoe was curious to know about the „urban mappers“ in India where there a number of accounts which all edit in the same places, the very largest cities in India (New Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Chennai, etc.). He then discovered that there is a team of 60+ mappers from the Zipper team, who are democratising maps for digital India.
  • Bryan Housel writes guidelines about the newly improved imagery offset tool in the iD editor, built by Kushan which helps in aligning the background imagery perfectly with the map data.
  • Mapping Day UNAM and OpenStreetMap Mexico are inviting people to a mapping event on Saturday, May 14 from 9:30 to 15:00 at the „Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM)“.
  • Oindrila Gupta from Mapbox writes a blog about the progress made by the data team in mapping highway exit numbers on OpenStreetMap.
  • Roman Yepishev describes his OSM obsession.
  • Federico Mena Quintero (co-founder of Gnome) has mapped a lot in OSM. In a tweet he compares the official map of Instituto Nacional de Estadística y Geografía of Mexico with the OSM map. If you look closely, you can see that the official map is significantly outdated.
  • Simon’s WhoDidIt service has a new changeset filter for the used editor software. This can be useful for some users who are concerned about possibly duplicated POIs from apps like Osmand or maps.me when the available offline maps have become significantly outdated.
  • Rory McCann wrote a proposal on how to map boundaries in disputed Territories.


  • A workshop was conducted in CIT University, Tumkur. It focused on introducing students to OpenStreetMap, iD editor, the OpenStreetMap Tasking Manager, and Mapbox Studio.
  • A masters student working under the supervision of Dr. Peter Johnson in the Department of Geography and
    Environmental Management at the University of Waterloo asked for volunteers from the OpenStreetMap (OSM) community to participate in a study that focuses on the impact of game elements on motivations to contribute to OSM. The web questionnaire is available online.
  • [1] The Ministry of Home Affairs in India published a bill that controls the acquisition, dissemination, publication and distribution of geospatial information in and outside India. The proposed Geospatial Information Regulation Bill prevents any individual or organisation in India from using satellite or aerial imagery; it also blocks the use of assisted equipment to collect geospatial information and the possession of such data.
  • Following the announcement in the former OSM weekly there is another blog posting from user dekstop about the tool named OSM Analytics.
  • Open Cage data, the blog of Open Cage Geocoder published an interview with Brian Prangle and Rob Nickerson in which they talk about the last quarterly mapping challenge „Mapping schools in the UK“.
  • The page mainz.radwende.de has just started. The project of the city of Mainz, Germany, intended to increase the use of bicycle routes in Mainz and aid town planning. There’s an app available for Android and iOS for tracking routes. The routes are displayed immediately after uploading them to an OSM heat map. Comment by geowas: „Works well and is probably used abundantly, already more than 4,000 kilometers were detected in only two weeks.“
  • Christian Ledermann has built an application to enable a quick overview (schools in the UK) and import of existing open data into OpenStreetMap.
  • We had to refrain form uploading data to OSM early this week because of the activation of this new hardware.
  • Steve Coast named 1 of 5 most influential people in Geo Industry!


  • Maning Sambale wrote an update on the LA County building import.

OpenStreetMap Foundation

  • Here you can read the results of the HOT board elections 2016. Congratulations to all from the weeklyOSM team.


  • The GeoIoT World will take place on 25th-26th May in Brussels. Roland Wagner and Axel Sommer talk about “indoor-mapping” on OSM basis and OpenStationMap.
  • The program of SotM France 2016 Clermont-Ferrand in the period from 20/05/2016-22/05/2016 is published. For more information about place one on the website. (automatic translation)
  • On May the 20th and the 21st the Italian OSM Confernenz OSMIT 2016 will take place in Milan. Simone Cortesi told us that during this event, there will be the inauguration of the OpenStreetMap Italy office (a shared space with the Wikimedia Italia office). Here is the location.
  • Last week, an event called „Wikimuseums“ with around 120 attendees took place in the Museum Villa Pignatelli, in Naples, Italy. Simone Cortesi told weeklyOSM that the focus of the meeting has benn GLAM initiatives, Open Data and of course both involving OpenStreetMap as well as two four hour sessions on editing. See more pictures from the event.

Humanitarian OSM

  • The newpaper El Telégrafo reported about the ongoing mapping activities in Ecuador.
  • The Australian Minister for Foreign Affairs and the Minister for International Development and the Pacific announced the „Winners of the Pacific Humanitarian Challenge“. One of the winners is HOT. The price of AU$ 2 million (about 1.3 Mio € or 1.5 Mio US$) will be shared between 5 organizations. weeklyOSM wishes to congratulate the HOT team.
  • Nick Bumbarger reported in developmentSEED’s blog about drone images from the disaster area in Ecuador, which are set available in OpenArerialMap.



Open Data

  • Nathaniel Slaughter announced on the Mapbox blog the open source Map Icon Set „Maki 3“.


SoftwareVersionRelease DateComment
BRouter1.4.12016-05-09Turning Instructions
OSRM Backend5.1.02016-05-09Bug fix release

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Did you know …

Other “geo” things

  • How is OSM different than Wikimapia? Read the answers on reddit.
  • Very interesting way to show statistics interactively along a bus-line in Zurich. Nicolas Kayser Bril called the presentation a „geo-line“.
  • Maps.me hires in Moscow. (automatic translation)

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Tokyo“‘State of The Map Japan 2016“‘06/08/2016japan
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Metro Manila“‘State of the Map Asia“‘01/10/2016-02/10/2016philippines

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