(English) weekly 256 – 09.06.–15.06.2015

Ci spiace, ma questo articolo è disponibile soltanto in English, Bahasa Indonesia, Čeština, Deutsch, Español, 日本語 e Português do Brasil.


Banner Spendenkampagne für neue OSMF-Serverhardware 2015
A growing OpenStreetMap needs bigger servers – the OpenStreetMap server hardware fundraising campaign in 2015 [1]

Fundraising campaign for new server hardware

  • Have you already donated? For over a week, the fundraising campaign of the OpenStreetMap Foundation for new server hardware running. At present, only four-fifths of the required sum of £56,000 (about €78,100 or $89.000 US) has been achieved. The largest single donations so far have come from Mapbox and Mapzen, who have both donated $20,000 each (about £12,900 or €17,800). Every little bit helps.


  • Joost Schouppe reports about power editing with Level0 editor and Overpass turbo.
  • Frederik Ramm launched an escalating discussion on the pros and cons of armchair mapping, particularly in connection with HOT / Missing Maps.
  • Richard Welty suggests the tag README=* should be used to display a warning if an object carries this tag. README=* should contain a warning if the aerial photos are outdated locally (eg new buildings, demolished buildings).


  • Frederik Ramm asks who else has received “research project” mail about a “VGI in land administration” project.
  • Pascal Neis’ side of changeset discussions can now filter by country (see his tweet).



  • User “maning” reports on a mapping party held in Iloilo City in May.
  • The Call for Papers for WhereCamp in November 2015 in Berlin runs until September 26.
  • See all future events in the OSM Event Calendar.

Humanitarian OSM

  • Milo van der Linden has set up a meetbot in HOT-IRC that logs the chat at meetings.



Did you know…

  • … there’s a sandbox that you can use for testing and playing around with the raw data from OSM? Here you can can create and delete things and try something and do all you want, without breaking anything.

Other “geo” things

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  1. Naturally the beta testing (which btw is finished for Vespucci 0.9.6 does not require for anything to be purchased.

  2. Maybe it wasn’t mentioned at the Talk mailing list, but the tag note=* is a well-established tag with the exact same purpose of the suggested tag README=*.
    The tag note=* is also already supported by the iD editor.

  3. Thanks for weekly summary 🙂

    One thing only: the blogpost about finished LPIS import is not Pavel Kwiecien’s (who contribute under kwiecpav nickname), but mine 😉

  4. Uma boa ideia de deixar as notícias em português, mesmo que tradicionalmente leio elas em alemão!
    Eine gute Idee, die Wochennotizen nun auch auf portugiesisch herauszugeben, selbst wenn ich sie traditionellerweise auf deutsch lese. A good idea to publish the weekly news in portuguese, even if I´m used to read them in german.