Wochennotiz 256 – 09.06.–15.06.2015

Ein Klick entfernt … die deutsche Wochennotiz

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  1. Naturally the beta testing (which btw is finished for Vespucci 0.9.6 does not require for anything to be purchased.

  2. Maybe it wasn’t mentioned at the Talk mailing list, but the tag note=* is a well-established tag with the exact same purpose of the suggested tag README=*.
    The tag note=* is also already supported by the iD editor.

  3. Thanks for weekly summary 🙂

    One thing only: the blogpost about finished LPIS import is not Pavel Kwiecien’s (who contribute under kwiecpav nickname), but mine 😉

  4. Uma boa ideia de deixar as notícias em português, mesmo que tradicionalmente leio elas em alemão!
    Eine gute Idee, die Wochennotizen nun auch auf portugiesisch herauszugeben, selbst wenn ich sie traditionellerweise auf deutsch lese. A good idea to publish the weekly news in portuguese, even if I´m used to read them in german.