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    Andy Townsend creates OSM maps for Garmin devices [1] | © Collage: Visual Studio Code screenshot of code by SomeoneElse and Garmin device by Virgilinojuca, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons


  • As part of a series about generalization of OSM data, Jochen Topf shares his insights about generalization of river networks.
  • In Cochabamba, Bolivia, Trufi Association is encouraging users of their app to contribute informal transport routes with a simplified mapping feature.
  • Bobropiton made three videos(1, 2, 3) about mapping bus routes and finding mislabelled routes.
  • The Asia Pacific Hub from HOT has compiled a list of most common data quality errors in OpenStreetMap per country and found some trends.
  • Christoph Hormann outlined a method of choosing what to render for compound names based on the default_language tag.
  • Valerie Norton (User Valhikes) reports about her mapping activities based on field trips from February to September 2022 in Calico. See also her other "Moments in Dirt and Ink", e.g. about Fort Narraguinnep or the Dangerous Park.
  • The voting for the proposal to consistently extend the usage of utility=* to service/industrial landuses, buildings and cabinets has been closed. It was approved with 19 votes for, 4 votes against and 1 abstention.


  • OpenCage publishes an interview with the "Openstreetmap Somalia Team" on their blog.
  • Grant Slater shares his insights about development and benefits of OSM, making reference to volunteers mapping South Africa’s power grid among other aspects.


  • watmildon describes how the US National Address Database can assist TIGER tag cleanups.

OpenStreetMap Foundation

  • Board Members of the OpenStreetMap Foundation share their personal visions for 2023 and promise in the comments a collective vision to follow soon.


  • [1] Andy Townsend wrote that his Garmin maps are coming along nicely. You can download pre-made files for Great Britain or roll your own.
  • dcz had a dream of the perfect map for their cycling trip. Using TileMill and OSM data the dream became reality but the cycling trip didn’t.

Open Data

  • Adrion explains how to download, convert and import the National Heritage List for England into Vespucci and Orux Maps to use it for mapping.
  • The Câmara Municipal da Horta, a municipality on Faial Island in the Azores, Portugal, released traffic direction changes > using OpenStreetMap, including credit to contributors.
  • Kai Johnson blogs how he and watmildon analyzed changes in GNIS data to find potential additions and corrections for OpenStreetMap in U.S.A.


  • Anthon Khorev’s ‘osm-note-viewer’, can now be used with other openstreetmap-website-based projects. He explains more in his blog.
  • Pieter Vander Vennet has compiled some statistics about Open Reviews. Besides the official demo application, Mangrove, MapComplete‘s implementation is most popular.
  • Planet Lite, the copyright-free map of the entire world, from MapTiler has been upgraded with enhanced features. Some issue fixes in the lite version of MapTiler Planet complete the update.


  • Hans Thompson shares a script in R language to query elements from OSM and show them on a browser map using the leaflet javascript tool. He uses farmer market POI’s (amenity=marketplace) in his example.
  • Hungerburg explained >
    how he used jq JSON manipulation commandline (linux utility) to parse and get an overview of a very large geojson government open data file (in this case roads in Tirol).
  • Do you ever get confused by Overpass Query Language syntax? Now, you can highlight syntax elements in some editors: Visual Studio Code + vscodium compatible editor, and KDE’s Kate.
  • Inspired by a video (we reported earlier), rtnf decided to make his own self-hosted vector tiles.


  • osm2pgsql 1.8.0 has been released. Thanks to PostgreSQL 15 osm2pgsql is even faster.
  • OrganicMaps released a new version with improvements in KML import, proper elevation handling for hiking and cycling.

Did you know …

Other “geo” things

  • OpenCage has published the task and the results for the Geotrivia January 2023 on their website. Would you have managed a chain of 10 countries like Ciarán Ferrie and rubpec? On Friday 24 February Ed will set the next task.
  • -karlos- has created two puzzles from an OpenStreetMap map using the tool Jigidi. Meanwhile, you can find some puzzles on Jigidi if you search for OpenStreetMap.
  • On January 25, it became known that the source codes of Yandex services had been leaked. Yandex.Map source codes have also been leaked, among which users have found code to work with OpenStreetMap data (but with a note about incompatibility to use OSM data with other sources).

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