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Integration of the Ohsome Quality Analyst in ohsomeHeX [1] | © HeiGIT | © Map tiles bei Stamen Design | map data © OpenStreetMap contributors

About us

  • The Ukrainian version Тижневик OSM, as part of the weeklyOSM family, once again demonstrates the international nature of OpenStreetMap.

Mapping campaigns

  • Włodzimierz Bartczak reported that OpenStreetMap Poland and the Pedagogical University of Kraków are organising ‘Peljesac Cartographic Training Ground’, a week-long training camp for students under the guidance of experienced OSM editors. You can follow their activity by watching for the #peljesac hashtag in OSM changesets by using osmcha.


  • Michael Reichert announced that Geofabrik has added two road-related layers to OSM Inspector, relations with highway=* and out-of-use roads.
  • Requests have been made for comments on the following proposals:
    • to deprecate passenger_information_display and promote departures_board instead.
    • settlement_type=crannog for mapping prehistoric settlements that are artificial islands constructed in lakes or sea inlets. Usually found in Ireland, Scotland and Wales.
    • privacy=* for indicating how much privacy an amenity, such as a shower or toilet, provides.
    • payment:coins|notes:denominations=* to record information about which denominations of coins or banknotes are accepted at a feature.
    • amenity=training_centre to unify the tagging of facilities that provides various additional or special training, other than universities, colleges, and schools for children.
    • amenity=pickup_point to tag places that primarily serve as places where products that have previously been ordered (usually online) can be picked up.
    • replace the tagging mail list with the OSM Community forum for the purposes of announcing proposal requests for comments and voting.
    • move proposal voting from the wiki to the OSM Community forum.


  • Thunderforest, one of the sponsors behind the osm2pgsql project, published an interview with Jochen Topf, one of the lead developers in the osm2pgsql project.
  • Cartocité , an OpenStreetMap consultancy agency based in France, is currently conducting a street-level imagery survey around the commune of Lons-le-Saunier. The collected data will be uploaded on Mapillary to be used in OpenStreetMap.
  • During the short outage of OSMCha martien-176 noted some useful alternatives.

OpenStreetMap Foundation

  • The OSMF Operations Working Group have released their August 2022 report.


  • Recordings of the State of the Map 2022 sessions have started to be uploaded to YouTube and media.ccc.de.
  • The proceedings of the Academic Track at State of the Map 2022 have been published.
  • The committee of SotM Japan announced that SotM Japan 2022 will be held on Saturday 3 December in Kakogawa, Hyogo.
  • Topi Tjukanov, the creator of the interactive map ‘Notable-people‘ and organiser of the 30DayMapChallenge, tweeted about several alternative formats for the upcoming challenge. As always, the next 30DayMapChallenge will take place throughout the month of November.
  • The OpenStreetMap Switzerland monthly meeting will now be held both on site and virtually. You can check the schedule on the wiki .
  • OpenStreetMap US has announced the online Mapping USA conference, which will be held on 11 and 12 November. This year’s Mapping USA will be a joint event together with WikiConference North America. Attendance will be free. The call for presentations is open until Saturday 15 October.


  • Christoph Hormann published a blog post about Landsat 7’s end of operations scheduled for September 2022.
  • Take a look at this scalable 2×2 map, which shows how the same part of the world was mapped in OSM in 2008, 2009, 2012 and 2022.


  • [1] Rizwan Khan reported that HeiGIT has begun to integrate some of the functionality of the Ohsome Quality Analyst into ohsomeHeX, a tool to visualise maps and time series of data development in OSM. A completeness indicator for mapping saturation now allows the estimation of completeness by looking at the saturation of the data.
  • Leaflet just released v1.9.0 followed closely by a fix release the day after.
  • Tykayn has created a Mastodon bot that shares an ‘OSM tag of the day’ from the French wiki each day. Toots can be followed using the hashtag #rtfw.


  • Amanda McCann blogged about her tool for measuring distances between nearest POIs, inspired by the bank and gunshop example we reported on earlier.
  • The Prototype Fund, which is funding Jochen Topf’s osm2pgsql project (as we reported earlier), is also funding an OpenStreetMap parking space analysis project. The project aims to provide detailed information on parking in public spaces in the form of interactive maps and prepared data exports. The project group consists of Alex, Lars and Tobias from the OSM Berlin community. In order to support other interested parties to collect parking data, the group is also working to improve the documentation and provide instructions for local mapping campaigns.

Did you know …

  • … that the OSM Community forum is configured so you can reply in your native language regardless of the language of the thread? The Discourse translator will then do the translation.
  • … that you can use OSM Smart Menu in Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox to open links related to OpenStreetMap, based on parameters from the current page? It helps OpenStreetMap contributors to easily switch between different maps and analysis tools.

OSM in the media

  • Delphine Sabattier interviewed Florian Lainez, about OpenStreetMap initiatives regarding the conflict between Ukraine and Russia. Florian is also known for their participation in many projects including ‘ÇaResteOuvert, a platform people used during lockdown to share opening hours of nearby shops through :covid19 tagging, or the sillier one ‘Panneau biche which involves gathering knowledge about wildlife road signs.

Other “geo” things

  • Do you love 3D maps, fantastic worlds and visualisations? Have a look and enjoy!
  • HBO published a map of the fictional world of Westeros from the series Game of Thrones.

Upcoming Events

Where What Online When Country
Washington OSM US Mappy Hour osmcalpic 2022-09-29 flag
Vern-sur-Seiche Atelier participatif « Recensement des commerces » osmcalpic 2022-09-29 flag
Düsseldorf Düsseldorfer OpenStreetMap-Treffen osmcalpic 2022-09-30 flag
IJmuiden OSM Nederland bijeenkomst (online) osmcalpic 2022-10-01 flag
Villa de Cos Notathon en OpenStreetMap – resolvamos notas de México osmcalpic 2022-10-01 flag
Berlin Vortrag auf Konferenz Bits & Bäume: Parkplatzzählung und Parkraumanalysen mit OpenStreetMap osmcalpic 2022-10-01 flag
Hacktoberfest 2022 osmcalpic 2022-10-01 – 2022-10-31
Berlin Vortrag auf Konferenz Bits & Bäume: Mit OpenStreetMap die Verkehrswende begleiten – Tagging, Tools und Analysen osmcalpic 2022-10-02 flag
臺北市 OpenStreetMap x Wikidata Taipei #45 osmcalpic 2022-10-03 flag
City of Westminster London pub meet-up osmcalpic 2022-10-04 flag
London Missing Maps London Mapathon osmcalpic 2022-10-04 flag
Stuttgart Stuttgarter Stammtisch osmcalpic 2022-10-04 flag
Berlin OSM-Verkehrswende #39 (Online) osmcalpic 2022-10-04 flag
Murray OSM Utah Monthly Meetup osmcalpic 2022-10-06 flag
Mannheim Mapathon in der Moschee osmcalpic 2022-10-06 flag
Olomouc Říjnový olomoucký mapathon – hybridní osmcalpic 2022-10-06 flag
Град Крагујевац OSM Serbia regular meetup osmcalpic 2022-10-06 flag
Salvador [online] mapatona UMBRAOSM e YouthMappers Brasil no TECISS 2022 osmcalpic 2022-10-07 flag
La Chapelle-des-Fougeretz Atelier participatif « Recensement des commerces » osmcalpic 2022-10-07 flag
Kaiserslautern OSM Mapping Event Erfassung von Barrieren osmcalpic 2022-10-08 flag
京都市 京都!街歩き!マッピングパーティ:第32回 Re:妙心寺 osmcalpic 2022-10-08 flag
Polokwane Local Municipality OSM Africa October Mapathon osmcalpic 2022-10-08 flag
Polokwane Local Municipality OSM Africa October Mapathon osmcalpic 2022-10-08 flag
Washington MappingDC Mappy Hour osmcalpic 2022-10-12 flag
München Münchner OSM-Treffen osmcalpic 2022-10-11 flag
San Jose South Bay Map Night osmcalpic 2022-10-12 flag
Frankfurt am Main Arbeitstreffen Indoor OSM 2022 osmcalpic 2022-10-14 – 2022-10-16 flag
Berlin 172. Berlin-Brandenburg OpenStreetMap Stammtisch osmcalpic 2022-10-14 flag
Hlavní město Praha World Railway Mapping Online Quarterly Meetup. osmcalpic 2022-10-15 flag
156. Treffen des OSM-Stammtisches Bonn osmcalpic 2022-10-18
City of Nottingham OSM East Midlands/Nottingham meetup (online) osmcalpic 2022-10-18 flag
Lüneburg Lüneburger Mappertreffen (online) osmcalpic 2022-10-18 flag
Sélestat Rencontre des contributeurs.rices en Alsace osmcalpic 2022-10-19 flag
Roma Incontro dei mappatori romani e laziali – ottobre 2022 osmcalpic 2022-10-19 flag
Arlon EPN d’Arlon – Atelier ouvert OpenStreetMap osmcalpic 2022-10-20 flag

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