Wochennotiz 278


                                                      und hier finden Sie die deutsche Version … 


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  1. Ouch – the Graphopper example. Very nice interface, indeed. I actually drove this exact route [1]. The proposed route makes you lose an hour or two here [2]. That’s a tagging issue: the road to the west is much faster as it is full two lanes and much less bendy. But Peru tags all national roads as trunk, regardless of the quality of the road.
    Then you lose a couple more hours here [3] as the routing proposes to take an unpaved little dirt road instead of staying on the paved trunk road. (I took the unpaved one as the main road was closed for construction at the time)
    And that is probably why we see „tagging for the router“ maxspeed misuse [4].

    [1] http://umap.openstreetmap.fr/nl/map/verlengd-weekend_8367#10/-13.5065/-73.3440
    [2] https://graphhopper.com/maps/?point=-13.163068%2C-74.22226&point=-13.304103%2C-72.125244&locale=de-DE&vehicle=car&weighting=fastest&elevation=true&layer=Lyrk
    [3] https://graphhopper.com/maps/?point=-13.163068%2C-74.22226&point=-13.304103%2C-72.125244&locale=de-DE&vehicle=car&weighting=fastest&elevation=true&layer=Lyrk
    [4] https://help.openstreetmap.org/questions/45368/maxspeed-tagging-for-the-router